Spring Network Meeting 2013

AEGEE – Tenerife presentó su candidatura a albergar el Spring Network Meeting. El vídeo promocional obtuvo el galardón al mejor vídeo de promoción de evento, en los premios AEGEE VIDEO AWARDS 2012 que concede AEGEE Golden Times.

“Best Event PR: “Tenerife NWM Spring 2013″ by AEGEE-Tenerife. This video is very professional and creates lots of trust in AEGEE-Tenerife as organiser. Testimonials of foreign participants of AEGEE-Tenerife events show that it is a great and capable antenna. The voice-over of AEGEE-Tenerife member Tayri is also authentic, very well done and fortunately not so slick (see the overrated 20th anniversary video and you will understand what it means: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l8XEOaT-uPQ). The photos of AEGEE-Tenerife events give a great impression too.

Gunnar Erth, AEGEE Golden Times.

Fuente original: AEGEE Golden Times



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